Musical Instruments

Music plays an integral role in the overall development of a child. Kids who learn music at a tender age become more creative and also find it easier to socialize with other kids. It is therefore important to expose the kids to different musical instruments as early as possible so that their interests can be identified.

Factors to consider when choosing the best musical instruments for kids

1. Age- Although kids learn close to everything they are taught, the way a five years old kid can learn is different from how a nine year old can learn. If the kid is really young, one can wait until they are of age so that they do not damage an expensive music instrument. If they understand what they are doing and why they are doing it, it also becomes easier for them to learn.

2. Interest- Again, it is easier for a kid to learn how to play a certain musical instrument if they have already shown some interest. Although most experts say that the piano is easier to learn for kids if the kid has interest in learning how to play the guitar, let them learn to play it first and then the piano can follow later.

3. Size and weight of the instrument- Some instruments require the kid to have long fingers enough to be able to play. Others like the drum set require good height which a kid may not possess. If the instrument is too large or too heavy for the kid, learning will be difficult. The best musical instruments for kids are those that they can play without having to strain. If they are comfortable playing it, it will be easier for them to learn how to play it.

4. Type of music- What type of music does the kid love? The kind of music that the child loves will help in determining the best musical instruments for them. For instance, if they love pop or rock music, an electric guitar would be a perfect instrument for them. If blues, classical and country music is their thing, then the acoustic guitar will come in handy.

Categories of musical instruments for kids

Musical instruments are categorized into different types and it is crucial to know them for one to be able to choose the best musical instruments for their kids. The categories include;

1. Percussion instruments- These include instruments such as drums, congo, tabla and the tambourine.

2. Wind instruments- Instruments under this category include; flute, trumpet, clarinet, and saxophones.

3. String instruments- Under this category falls instruments such as; guitars, violins, and lyres.

What are the best musical instruments for kids?

The best musical instruments are those that the kid can play easily, learn fast and with comfort. They should be able to have fun with the instrument they are learning. About which instrument they can learn fast, they can begin with the keyboard. Unless they have shown interest in other instruments, the keyboard is a good start that will help them learn other musical instruments with a lot of ease.

Other instruments that kids can learn include:

1. Saxophone- many players consider the saxophone as one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. Just like the Sax, the clarinet is also a good start for the kid due to its versatility.

2. Guitar- Most children watch rock stars playing the guitar and admire them. For them, therefore, the guitar is such an exciting musical instrument and learning will thus be easier.

3. Violin- This is an ideal instrument for kids precisely due to its small size. Kids can comfortably handle it and it is, therefore, ideal for any kid above four years.

4. Ukulele- The ukulele is small in size making it easier for kids to play. It is also able to pick tunes very easily and if one does not like the noisy instruments, then ukulele would be the ideal instrument for their kids.

5. Trumpet- Kids will love to make tunes with the trumpet. To begin with, they will simply make noises and with time they will learn to incorporate the rhythm.

6. Drums- As noisy as they may be, drums are fun and an excellent way for the kid to learn how to apply rhythm. If they can play the drums rhythmically, then it is easier for them to do so with the other instruments.

It is easier to identify the talent of the kid and shape it when they are still young. Exposing them to some of the best musical instruments will help their parents know what they love and how they can help them improve their talent.