A Detailed Guide to Storing Musical Instruments and Accessories

Do you own music instruments? Then you know these instruments can be expensive. Since they are costly what you should do is to ensure they are adequately maintained to last long. Storage is one of the essential parts of ensuring your best instrument accessories are in excellent condition.

There are various reasons why you would want to store your instruments. For instance, you may want to keep particular instrument for your kids for future use, or you may be a band member. If you live in small home whereby space is limited, and you are a member of a band, you would need to be careful to ensure that your instruments are appropriately kept so that they can serve you adequately without developing issues during performances.

To avoid poor performances due to damage to your best instrument accessories, you should ensure they are correctly kept for preservation in excellent condition. When it comes to storage, the right temperature should also be considered since this is part of the protection of your musical instruments. If your instruments experience harsh temperatures or there is sudden temperature change, this could lead to damage to your best instrument accessories. You should ensure they are kept in a place where the temperature is controlled to ensure safety.

Here are great tips to help you successfully preserve your music instrument:

Preparation for Storage

When you are storing your music instrument, it not right to just put it in a case and leave it there. You will need to do a lot of work before you can store the instrument. For instance, you need to ensure it is stored in an area where people will not trip and fall due to your poor storage. You need to know your instrument can still be damaged even if it is stored in a hard case. When storing your instrument in a hard case, you will be sure that it will not experience damage and also it will be protected from UV lights. It will ensure your instrument is not damaged due to environmental factors.

Storage of String Instruments and Woodwind Instruments

If you have an instrument that can be broken into various sections, you should separate them to ensure there is no pressure on the joints

On woodwind instruments, put a tissue paper between the pads. It will apply to instruments such as saxophones and flutes. It will be essential to keep the pads from being sticky.

You should ensure your instruments are first cleaned before storage. You can make use of clean cloth as well as vacuum to get rid of dust.

During cleaning of your best instrument accessories, you should ensure you make use of the best and right tool. Do not use household cleaners since they can damage your music instruments. You can visit music stores to buy special clothes you can use to clean your instruments.

Before you store stringed instruments, release the tensions if you are storing them for a long time. It will prevent the strings of your instrument from snapping.

Storage of Pianos and Drums

Loosening the skins of your drums would be a wise idea to ensure they are not stretching

Pianos can withstand pressure hence no need to loosen their strings

You should wrap the pedals, legs and the bench of your piano with padding to ensure they are protected

Use a tarp to cover the drums and pianos or use sheets to ensure they are protected from dust

It does not matter the space you choose for storage of your music instrument, but you must ensure they are not kept on the floor. Doing so will ensure if there are fluctuations in temperatures they are not at risk of being damaged. If there is a drastic increase or drop in temperature, your music instrument could contract and expand, and this can be harmful. It is wise even to keep off the pianos from floor whereby you can use pallets or casters.

You can also consider shelving arrangement which is helpful in that it will make you store your instruments on a flat surface yet not on the ground. If you have multiple stringed instruments such as guitars you can set up a wall where you can store these instruments. You will be hanging the instruments on the wall you have set up.

Music instruments should be kept away from doorways. The best place you can place these instruments is in the middle of your room where there are no possible changes in temperatures. You can also wrap your music instrument for additional protection.